First Blood

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In November 2014 Blood Oranges was launched in Cork, Galway, Dublin and Mexico City. Thanks to all those involved.


“The only problem with Blood Oranges is that when one starts talking about it, one cannot stop… A cracking book.”—Macdara Woods

 …the best book of poetry I’ve come across in YEARS.”—Grant Cogswell

“An extraordinary poetic journey… it gestures toward future poetic excavations into history’s zest and sorrow, past known and unfamiliar denominations, down through hitherto un-breached layers.”—Billy Ramsell

“Dylan’s poetry is full of life and death, of flesh and seeds, fertility and of constant renewal and ever present extinction. It is a meditation on the persistence of violence, and the parallel persistence of life.”—Sarah Clancy

ATOLL—free ebook launched

Atoll - Dylan Brennan

From the unfathomable darkness of a primordial ocean to the US-Mexico border river; from the forsaken inhabitants of Clipperton Island to circus elephants swimming off the west coast of Ireland; the twelve poems of Atoll, with their tales of community and abandonment, are steeped in the waters of life and death. Read the full collection on Smithereens Press as a free ebook.