GUADALUPE & other hallucinations: Prose Chronicles & Prints


Blood Oranges: debut poetry collection


Atoll: Poetry, digital chapbook

Atoll - Dylan Brennan

 Rethinking Juan Rulfo’s Creative World: Prose, Photography, Film: an anthology of essays on Mexican writer/photographer, Juan Rulfo, co-edited by Nuala Finnegan.


Selected Online Publications 

Essay: A Woman in Trouble, Her Double (or: Notes on Inland Empire, ten years on), gorse 

Essay: Provocation / Evocation, gorse

Poem: Breton in Mexico, gorse

Poem: ‘Bones of Anonymous Children’, The Bohemyth

Poem: Now In Rainbows The Penny Dreadful Literary Magazine

Poem/translation: We Came up Here to Dream The Honest Ulsterman

Poem for Ayotzinapa: and what is my heart Mexico City Lit


Ensayo: Doleful and Beautiful: La cantina mexicana a través de Lowry y Steinbeck, Pez Banana No. 8

Ensayo: La abyección en la literatura: breves notas, Pez Banana no. 10